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Articles on the Harvard Business Review on line journal.
- One Size Does Not Fit All in Innovation (and Never Will), April 19, 2010
- User-Centered Innovation Is Not Sustainable, March 19, 2010
- Having Ideas Versus Having a Vision, March 1, 2010
- Cut Costs Without Cutting Meaning, February 11, 2010
- Apple's Secret? It Tells Us What We Should Love, January 28, 2010


Below are listed some forthcoming and past events involving Roberto Verganti. In some cases a link with information is provided. If you are interested on participating or on further information about the event please contact us at .

December 13-15, Milan, Design Management Week, Politecnico di Milano
December 9-10, London, Design Management Forum, Imperial College
December 6-7, Copenhagen, Innovation Symposium, Copenhagen Business School
December 4-5, Poznan (Poland), seminar on Design-Driven Innovation, ProDesign
December 3, Ghent (Belgium), Keynote at the International Marketing Congress
November 22-23, Milan, Program on Innovation and Leadership
November 19, Copenhagen, Master in Leadership and Innovation, Copenhagen Business School
November 8-11, Seoul, Keynote at tech+forum
October 22, Eindhoven, Eindhoven Design Forum
October 6-21, Australia, seminars on design and innovation in Brisbane, Sidney, and Melbourne
September 23, Copenhagen, Master in Leadership and Innovation, Copenhagen Business School
September 21, London, seminar on design in education, Royal Society of Arts
September 20, Birmingham, Seminar on Design-Driven Innovation, Institute of Art & Design
September 19-20, Birmingham, EIASM Board
September 17, Milan, Seminar on Innovation in Financial Services, Politecnico di Milano
September 16, Rome, Seminar on Deisgn-Driven Innovation, Oracle
September 13-15, Poznan (Poland), Workshop on Innovation in Food, ProDesign
September 6-11, Volterra, Summer School on Technology Management, EIASM
July 9 & 23, Milan, Workshop on Innovation in Services, IBM
July 6, Dublin, Trinity College
July 2-3, Paris, Keynote at the Creativity & Innovation Management Conference
June 24, Milan, Master in Strategic Design, Politecnico di Milano
June 16-17, San Francisco, Design Management Conference, DMI
June 14-15, Murcia, Spain, EIASM International Product Development Management Conference
June 10-11, Turin, Workshop on Innovation, FIAT
June 8-9, Mälardalen University, Sweden
June, 7, PhD Seminar on Design-Driven Innovation, SVID, Stockholm
May 12, Milan, Seminar on Innovation, L`Oreal
May 6, Milan, Seminar on Design-Driven Innovation, at Oracle
May 5-7, Milan, Seminar on Management of Innovation at Sky
May 3-7, Milan, EIASM EDEN Doctoral School on Economics and Management of Innovation
April 29-30, Milan, ELIS, seminar on management of innovation
April 20-23, Copenhagen, MBA COurse on Design Management, Copenhagen Business School
April 13, Milan, New Scenarios of Innovation, Assolombarda
April 8, Bergamo, Design-Driven Innovation, Confindustria
March 26, Goteborg, doctoral seminar on Design-Driven Innovation, Chalmers University
March 25, Goteborg, Champs Executive Seminar, Chalmers University
March 24, Stockholm, Seminar on Design-Driven Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics
March 15-19, Milan, Design Management Week Advanced, MIP-Politecnico di Milano
March 11-12, London, The Big Rethink, Event by The Economist
February 2-3, Detroit, Masco Leadership Program
January 27-28, Workshop on Leadership and Innovation at ABB
January 20-21, Seminar on Management of Innovation at Sky
January 14, Milan, Policy Lab, Lombardy Region, IReR
January 13, Seminar on Management of Innovation at Vodafone
January 12, Copenhagen, Seminar "Management Research on Design", Copenhagen Business School

December 15-16, Milan, Design Management Week at the MIP-Politecnico di Milano
December 10-11, Goteborg, Sweden, conference on Design Management, Goteborg University
December 2, Delft, Holland, seminar on Design-Driven Innovation at Technical University of Delft
November 21, Maiano, Udine, Seminar on Innovation and Economic Downturn, at the Snaidero Foundation
November 14-15, Poznan, Poland, course on Management of Innovation at the program in Design Management
November 11, Barcelona, doctoral seminar on Design-Driven Innovation at ESADE
November 11, Barcelona, keynote on Collaborative Innovation at the Conferencia International APTE - Creapolis
November 8, Tokyo, International Symposium on Energizing Japan’s Innovation: the Role of MOT Education
November 7, Tokyo, Tokyo University of Science, Seminar on Design Management
October 26-27, Paris, Workshop on Policies for the New Forms of Innovation at the OECD
October 21, Milan, Seminar on Managing Innovation at ENI
October 9, Vienna, Vienna Design Week
October 8, Dresden, Germany, keynote speech at the EIASM workshop on Intangibles and Intellectual Capital
October 6-7, Milan, Workshop with Acer
September 22, Roma, Ericsson, Innovation Forum
September 10, Poznan, Poland, workshop on Design-Driven Innovation
September 3, Volterra, EIASM, Doctoral Summer School on Technology Management
July 10, Milan, Conference on Innovation Policies, Milan Chamber of Commerce
July 6, Bath, UK, keynote on collaborative innovation at the Product Lifecycle Management Conference
June 29, Milan, Workshop with MediaWorld
June 23, Silicon Valley (CA), Microsoft, seminar on Design-Driven Innovation
June 22, Redmond (WA), Microsoft, seminar on Design-Driven Innovation
June 8, Twente (The Netherlands) EIASM International Product Development Management Conference
June 4, London, Saatchi Gallery, keynote at the Managing Design Leapfrog event of Rackitt-Benckiser
June 2-5, Copenhagen, Course on Design Management, at the Executive MBA of the Copenhagen Business School
May 26, Budapest, event on Art and science of coffee, with Riccardo Illy
May 20-21, Rome, ELIS, Master in Media and Telco
May 7, Milan, Conference on Innovative Design and Construction Technologies
May 5, Stockholm, Seminar at the Stockholm School of Economics,
April 26, Milan, Furniture Fair, Webmobili conference on language mining and new scenarios in the furniture industry
April 6, Milan, Assolombarda, seminar on Design-Driven and Collaborative Innovation
April 1-3, Milan, Design Management Europe Conference
March 16-20, Politecnico di Milano, EIASM Doctoral Seminar on Economics and Management of Innovation
February 26, Harvard Business School, Seminar on Collaborative Innovation
February, 16-20, MIP –Politecnico di Milano, Design Management Week

December 3, Rome, Finmeccanica, Seminar on Open Innovation within the program “From Technology to Values”
November 19, Milan, Seminar for entrepreneurs of Lombardy, Assolombarda.
November 11, Copenhagen, Keynote at the Copenhagen Innovation Symposium, Copenhagen Business School.
October 29, Milan, Seminar at the World Business Forum.
October 22, Milan, Collaborative Innovation Workshop with Gary Pisano.
October 20, Kortrijk (Belgium), Keynote at the Annual Meeting of the industrial association Agoria.
October 6, Turin, Keynote at the conference Creatività, Innovazione e Design.
September 18, Brixen, Doctoral Summer School of the Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Gestionale.
May 6, Boston, Cutter Symposium, Keynote on “Uncovering the hidden meaning of things: why design is important for technological innovation”.
April 30, Copenhagen Business School, Department of Innovation and Industrial Economics (INO), Seminar on “Design, Meanings and Radical Innovation: A Meta-Model and a Research Agenda”.
March 15, Politecnico di Milano, EIASM Doctoral Seminar on Economics and Management of Innovation [link].
January 30, Front End of Innovation Europe conference, Vienna [link].

December 10-14, MIP - Politecnico di Milano, Design Management Week [link].
October 25, Stavanger, Norway,  Design day Rogaland [link].
October 8-9, MIT, Boston, Mass Customization and Personalization Conference [link].
September 23-26, Design Management Institute conference, Williamsburg (VA) [link].
July 02, Confindustria Treviso, Innovation processes and SMEs.
June 20, Danish Designers, Copenhagen.
June 10-12 EIASM, Porto, International Product Development Management conference.
May 30, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, the Obervatory on Innovation and SMEs.
May 22, Chamber of Commerce, Milan, Services to support innovation in SMEs.
May 16, World Marketing & Innovation Forum, Milan, Winning through innovation: technology, Design and new business models.
May 14, Harvard Club of Italy, Milan, Rotonda della Besana, Innovazione a Milano e Innovazione à la Milano.
April 19, Salone del Mobile, Milano, Evolution of Housing Languages.
March 29,  Danish Design Center, Copenhagen, Annual Design Awards.
March 15, Norwegian Design Council, Oslo, Annual Design Awards.
March 12 - 16 Alta Scuola Politecnica, Bardonecchia: Winter school of the ASP.
March 8, IPSOA, Palazzo Stelline, Design Management and marketing.
February 26, MIP-Politecnico di Milano, Design Management and design experience.
February 21 Stockholm School of Economics: Managing Design Driven Innovation.
February 6 Politecnico di Milano: Lunch seminar: Design driven and technology push innovation. Towards an integrated theory for management of innovation?
January 19 Alta Scuola Politecnica, Torino: Opening Event of the Academic Year.

December 11-15 MIP-Politecnico di Milano: Design Management Week 2006.
December 12  Politecnico di Milano: I successi e le sfide dell’innovazione design-driven, conference with Alberto Alessi and Ernesto Gismondi.
October 11-12 Barilla, Parma: Il Buono e il Bello.
September 30 Ferrari, Maranello: The Innovation Process.
September Alta Scuola Politecnica, Venice: Summer School. Management of Innovation (with Mario Calderini, Politecnico di Torino and Jim Utterback, MIT). The Dynamics of Creativity (with Stefano Boeri, Domus).
August 30 IAE, Buenos Aires: Design as a source of competitive advantage.
June 12 EIASM, Milan: 13th International Product Development Management Conference.
June 1 Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen: CIPU Center for Innovation and Product Development.